The Purpose Blueprint:
A four-dimensional approach to education.

UHP is the first integrated university of its kind. Our philosophy and approach finds its foundation in the interconnectedness of Physicality, Intellect, Emotion, and Ethos, or what we refer to as The Purpose Blueprint.  

The Purpose Blueprint
principles are weaved into the fabric of our DNA, providing individuals with actionable steps to define the path to their ultimate purpose. Our philosophy creates a learning environment for our future leaders to enrich their lives and reach their highest potential through the 4 dimensions of education and knowledge. By focusing on self-development while gaining an unparalleled education in health and fitness, our students are well-equipped to thrive in a professional, personal, and community-oriented capacity.


We are on a mission to empower students to discover their ultimate purpose through a four-dimensional approach to education.


Our philosophy is a four-dimensional approach to education called The Purpose Blueprint. We apply educational growth strategies to...


We envision a world where the education that our students receive ignites a commitment to their personal and professional progres...


The University of Health & Performance is founded on core principles of leadership, service, honor, and integrity. We believe everyon...