The story of UHP is one of innovation, strength of vision, persistence, and heart.

There comes a point on our journey, often through struggle, pain, and failure, that cause us to question our purpose and our existence. We enter the labyrinth of discovery, hitting dead ends and taking detours along the way, that ultimately lead us to the conclusion that a commitment to growth and service, and an identification of one’s purpose is the reason we are here.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Matt Hesse’s story is one that he describes as an “unpredictable journey,” filled with experiences that would seem to be 3 different lifetimes. From athletics, to bull-riding, to the military, to building hundred-million dollar companies, to building a veterans initiative to end suicide, Matt’s journey has been a living, breathing, metaphor — not only for the veteran community -- but for anyone who has found themselves on the other side of struggle.

As a young man, the military had an incredible impact on Matt’s life.  As he found success in his professional career he felt a calling to serve again, and give back to the uniform that gave him so much. Seeing so many of his fellow soldiers struggling as they returned from service had a profound impact on him, so he began to study the generational epidemic of veteran suicide. Having seen firsthand the profound loss of purpose, community, and camaraderie that veterans experience after leaving the military, he was moved to take the challenge head-on.

Matt identified the need to discover a new and meaningful purpose early in the transition from soldier to civilian as a large part of the solution. His deepest belief, and the foundation of his teachings in The Purpose Blueprint, is that the investment in oneself holistically will lead to incredible growth, perspective, and purpose. He worked with teams of experts in their respective fields to develop strategies to not only help identify purpose, but to give veterans what they needed most: a way to continue to serve others.

Matt launched the FITOPS Foundation in early 2016 and put  The Purpose Blueprint and his strategies to the test.  Since its inception, FITOPS has achieved incredible growth and success, and celebrates hundreds of veteran graduates as Fitness Operatives, certified and trained as Personal Trainers. 
In a concerted effort to facilitate this ever-growing community, educate more students, and expand the reach to additional communities, he founded the University of Health & Performance.