Founding vision

UHP is built upon innovation, vision, and service.

Education has always been one of the most powerful ways to move people forward. We’ve built a campus, curriculum, and community that empowers our students to learn, discover their purpose, and build a plan to live it.

Our Founder

I am Matt Hesse, the Founder and President of the University of Health & Performance (UHP). As a young man, the things that shaped me into the executive and leader I am today are; the time I spent in the United States Army, learning what it meant to serve, and the fast paced education I received from both

schooling and mentorship.  That is why I created this University. UHP  gives students the education and skills needed to work and lead in purpose driven careers, while being supported by incredible mentors. 
Service has always been an important part of my life, which is why in 2017, I launched a foundation to research and assist veterans in their transition from service to civilian life.  During this time, I learned more about the depth of complexity and challenges transitioning produced and what a fitness-based lifestyle could do to counteract the struggles.  In 2021, based on these years of repetitions and research, I wrote and designed a process called “The Purpose Blueprint”, which helps anyone in transition identify their life’s purpose, and build a strategy to pursue it.  

Prior to UHP, I founded a multinational sports performance and nutrition company. I am also currently an advisor to the President of the United States in areas of physical fitness, sports, and wellness.