UHP Alumni and a Lifelong Community

Each University student who completes the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course, and graduates from UHP as a Fitness Operative will be welcomed into the FITOPS Community for life. The FITOPS alumni system supports graduates with many benefits, to include career placement, coaching, networking, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. FITOPS was born out of a collective desire to empower veterans to find purpose after their time in service through the power of fitness
and community.  

4 pillars:
EDUCATION: Fitness Operatives (FOs) are alumni of the University of Health & Performance, and have access to masters programs + opportunities for continued education.  We provide scholarships for veterans who qualify that are in need of additional sources of funding for the Fitness Operatives Cornerstone Course at The University of Health & Performance.  
The path to success is paved through action and knowledge.  At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to the physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethological health of our community, which includes the pursuit of education.  

AFTERCARE & SUPPORT: We have made a commitment to life-long support of our entire community.  FO’s have access to comprehensive, wrap-around support services available to them upon graduation.  From professional development, group discussions, speakers, and direct clinical care; our graduates are never alone once their journey on camp is over.
The Aftercare Team works to provide counseling, strategies, resources, and support for personal and professional growth.  Our FITOPS family continues to grow and our graduates remain a part of our family forever.

: In partnership with universities and research teams, we work to prove that The Purpose Blueprint philosophy of physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethological health reduces health care costs associated to veterans, and ultimately reduces incidence of suicide.
We will use this research to lobby Congress to give veterans gym memberships for a certain period of time post-service at all facilities accredited by FITOPS.

: Our grant program is aimed at helping veterans become entrepreneurs. We will help our graduates start their own small businesses as gym owners. This will allow them to serve within their local communities to implement their new expertise.  
Additionally, they will be empowered to welcome other veterans into their facilities to train and study the same curriculum that we teach on camp.