Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Health and Performance?

UHP is a pioneer among the health and fitness education community. We are on a mission to educate and empower students to discover renewed purpose through a 4-dimensional approach to education.

Does UHP accept GI Bill benefits?

While UHP is not yet an approved education institution with the Department of Veterans Affairs, we soon hope to be able to offer veteran students the ability to use their GI Bill benefits to attend our program.

Where is the University of Health and Performance located?

UHP is located on a 500-acre campus in Northwest Arkansas.

How can I enroll in the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course?

To enroll, you can apply here online. Be prepared to upload a photo of yourself and designated proof of service/Certificate of Eligibility paperwork at the time of your application submission.

Who is eligible to apply to UHP?

Any citizen who is at least 18 years of age, has a background in service (i.e. military, first responder, military spouse/dependent, etc), and has a recent medical clearance from their physician, is eligible to apply to the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course.

Are there scolarship opportunities?

Yes, FITOPS, along with other partners, offer scholarship opportunities for incoming students to cover the costs of the tuition and fees associated with the program.

Once my COE is received by UHP, how long until I'm placed on a roster?

After you have submitted your COE to UHP, you can expect to be placed on a designated roster approximately 4 weeks later, but your School Certifying Official will keep you updated periodically throughout the process.

How long will the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course take to complete?

The Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course takes 12 weeks to complete. The first 9 weeks will be spent working through an online course consisting of modules, short quizzes, and a digital copy of the textbook. The final 3 weeks will be spent full time, on-site diving into the practical application of the curriculum. Prior to graduation and departure from the Course, each student will sit for their standardized personal training exam and receive a diploma for the Course.

What certifications will I receive after completing the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course?

Upon completion of the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course, each student will receive a certificate of completion and a National Exercise Trainers Association Personal Training Certificate.