Course Slate

UHP currently offers the following courses:

Entry (1 week): 
  1. Foundations of Health and Performance

Core Coach Trainings (2 weeks each):  
  1. Certified Personal Trainer
  2. National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  3. Precision Nutrition Level I/Sleep Stress and Recovery Coach

Upskilling Courses (1 week each):
  1. Entrepreneurship 
  2. CPT Upskilling (lengths TBD) 
    a. Kettlebells, Weight Lifting, Tactical Strength and Conditioning, Assisted Stretching, Group Fitness
    b. Continuing Education for Re-certification
  3. NBC-HWC Upskilling (1 week each) 
    a. Group Coaching (Taking Charge of My Health and Performance)
    b. Advanced Coaching Skills
  4. PN1/SSR Upskilling (1 week each) 
    a. Precision Nutrition Level II
    b. Continuing Education for Re-certification
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Each course is a fully immersive experience with the goals of physical, mental, emotional, and social growth while learning to become coaches in the health and fitness space. UHP defines a coach as anyone in a position to change lives. 

Each course contains the same content structure:

  • Theory of Coaching – Learn the foundations of coaching. Students learn best practices across multiple coaching disciplines, including the knowledge and ability to program strength and conditioning programs to help others improve their fitness and health behaviors.” 
  • Practice of Coaching – We get better at what we practice. While at UHP, students have multiple opportunities to apply knowledge through personal practice and live coaching of their peers with real-time feedback and mentoring.
  • Psychology of Coaching – It’s not a skill unless it holds up under pressure. Confidence. Motivation. Concentration. The Psychology of Coaching focuses on self-regulation skills coaches can use and teach their clients to perform at their best on a consistent basis. 
  • Business of Coaching – Turn passion into a career. While at UHP students learn entrepreneurship, business development, and marketing skills immediately applicable to their current or future career in health and fitness.