Elevate your company culture with holistic health and performance.

The importance of health and wellness in the workplace has become a hot topic over the last several years. Company culture across the globe has demanded healthier lifestyle options that promote work-life balance.  From healthier food and beverage options in the office, to company-sponsored gym memberships, to monthly “wellness allowances” for employees, employers have responded quickly and positively to employee requests for improved health and wellness in the workplace.


We offer various ways for your company and your employees to get involved.  

Team Building:  We offer an abbreviated version of the Cornerstone Course as a team building exercise.  Choose a group of employees to come and live on UHP for a long weekend and go through our program.

Corporate Sponsorship:  Do you have an employee who wants to go through the complete program?  We offer the opportunity to sponsor one of your employees, and send them through the Cornerstone Course in its entirety.

Corporate Partnership:   We offer the opportunity for your company to send a group of your employees through the Cornerstone Course in its entirety.  Your employees will become certified, and serve your company as health and performance leaders after their time at UHP.