The first step to a career in health and fitness.


Students spend 21 days on our campus in an immersive educational experience. The curriculum includes Theory of Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Experience, Behavioral Science, and Business Development. Combined with The Purpose Blueprint, this program prepares students for success as health and wellness coaches.


What to expect

Sample Schedule
6AM-8AM - Morning Practical Training Block 
9AM-11:45AM - Morning Learning Block 
2PM-4:45PM - Afternoon Learning Block 
7PM-8:30PM - Evening Learning Block

Physical Training (PT) Program:
Students can expect morning training sessions and physically intensive educational experiences throughout each day. In addition, students participate in practical application sessions on the training floor with the instructors. This time is spent applying the knowledge gained in the classroom to real world training scenarios.
Students will be exposed to best practices in strength and conditioning as well as other strategies from subject matter experts in the field of health and human performance.

Graduate Assistants (GAs), each a UHP graduate, lead classroom and small group study sessions. Time with GAs involves review of the educational information and gives students the ability to address any questions about exam material.

Physical Training (PT) is part of the daily routine. The purpose of daily PT is to prime students for the day under the guidance of expert coaching.

Occasionally, UHP will invite experts in the pillars of Think, Train, Feel, and Lead to serve as guest instructors. Guest instructors are brought in to give a balanced approach and add value to the student learning experience.

Each day at camp, in a supportive group environment, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their lived experiences. This session is focused on sharing, with personal growth as the objective. Through reflection, the goal of this time is to raise self awareness, and empower students.