The first step to a career in health & performance.


Students will complete a multi-phase certification program unlike any other in the industry, taught by world class instructors from across all disciplines.  Prior to the immersive, 3-week campus experience, students will gain access to 10 comprehensive sections covering the scientific foundations of exercise science to complete.  The 10 sections of the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course will be completed online through the UHP Student Portal and distance learning experience. 

Students will then experience 3 weeks at UHP where they will apply the scientific foundations in both classroom and training facility settings, while getting intimate instruction from UHP educators.  Students culminate their 3 week experience by taking and passing their Personal Training Certification test.  

Each student will be guided through the Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course by instructors and squad leaders every step of the way.


What to expect

Daily Schedule
0530 - 0700   Physical Training
0700 - 0800   Breakfast & Hygiene
0800 - 1200   AM Learning Block
1200 - 1300   Lunch
1300 - 1700   PM Learning Block
1700 - 1800   Dinner
1800 - 2000   Practical Application & Study Hall
2000 - 2300   Personal Time
2300               Lights Out

UHP Fitness Operative Cornerstone Pre-study Modules:
10 comprehensive sections covering the scientific foundations of exercise science are provided to the student and will cover certification-specific material. Completion of the pre-study materials is not required for graduation, but its completion is highly recommended to ensure the success of student testing out at the end of the course.

Physical Training Program:

Students can expect one organized morning training session and physically intensive educational experiences throughout each day  while they are living at UHP.  The PT Program is an optional resource created by UHP Staff and Instructors.  Each student is invited to use our recommended workouts as a guide leading up to their on-campus session. Participating in this training program prior to their session will allow the students to have more effective PT sessions when on-campus.  Students who participate in the PT Program prior to arrival report that they feel more comfortable with the programming offered, have a better understanding of their physical capabilities and injuries. They also find that it helps them build camaraderie and connect with other students who meet them at similar ability levels.

University of Health & Performance at Camp FITOPS experience:
Each 3-week Fitness Operative Cornerstone Course ends with a fully immersive experience. Students experience incredible physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethological growth while learning to become certified personal trainers.
Students will be exposed to new information, strategies, and learning modalities from a variety of angles:

Squad Leaders help lead lecture and study halls.  This involves a basic review of the NETA tested information.  This time also gives students the ability to address any questions about the material.

Physical Training is part of the daily routine.  The purpose of daily PT is to prime students for the day while demonstrating professional coaching in three dimensions, while also using that time to educate (i.e. Tactics for leading an effective warm-up; Effective cadences for leading group fitness sessions). Guest instructors will be given the opportunity to lead and join these PT sessions as well.

Personal growth support will be provided throughout the program as a means to support resiliency, vulnerability, and growth.  We do everything in our power to find ways for our Students to meet their personal and professional goals after graduation.

The Circle of Tears: 
At the heart of our work, and the UHP experience, is a nightly bonding experience. This session finds its foundation in sharing, healing, and reflection, with personal growth as the ultimate goal.  Students are faced with new challenges every day.  Every day their physical and intellectual capacity is put to the test, and these nightly sessions allow each student to focus on their emotional and ethological growth.  We believe that an individual can discover their true purpose when they focus on holistic health, namely their physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethological growth.  The goal of this group activity is to bring awareness around individual growth and finding empowerment in their future endeavors.