Your journey to a career in fitness, health, and performance starts here.

UHP at Camp FITOPS is located in Northwest Arkansas on 500-acres on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. Along with world-class training, education, and culinary facilities, you will have access to running trails and obstacle courses. You will also have access to some fun, world-class fishing both in the river loaded with trout, and the lakes full of bass, sunfish, and crappie. Our campus is also home to hundreds of Bald Eagles, who live on the shores of our river.


Living on campus is the key to the UHP experience and the success of each student.

UHP living is completely immersive, the world class facilities were designed specifically to create an environment to learn, train, relax, and recover.  The 3-week, immersive living and learning experience gives the student the ability to put their intellectual, physical, emotional, and ethological growth at the top of the priority list.  

Prior to arriving on camp, students will be provided with a detailed packing list.  Each dormitory houses 20 students, with built-in laundry and bathrooms.